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Collaborative Marketing Toolkit: Phase Two Course

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In your second month, I will introduce new steps for you to take, as well as follow up on the steps you took in the first month. Before we begin, review the steps from your first four weeks to verify that you missed none. Let’s catch up now, as the foundation for marketing your collaborative practice is required for optimum results. If you have any questions along the way, send them to 

It is critical that you establish new habits and routines in your collaborative practice to adapt to this new marketing regimen. One of the elements that you will notice with this program is that certain tasks must be repeated regularly. I therefore advise you to record your own schedule in that journal we mentioned earlier of those chores you intend to repeat and how often you will repeat them. Thenenter them into your calendar or onto your task list, whatever will work to ensure you implement them. 

Now, here’s to your second month of becoming a Collaborative Champion, changing the way the world gets divorced, and building a strong collaborative client base 

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