What I Am Up To These Days.

Now that I’ve closed my law practice and am no longer accepting new collaborative clients, I am able to focus solely on helping other professionals market their own services.

For many years now, while still in practice, I have enjoyed writing books and creating videos to support others in this regard. Oh, and, of course, I’ve had a lot of fun marketing my own legal and collaborative services.

But now I am free to spend more time coaching others and teaching the webinars and workshops that I’ve created along the way. Please explore the resources I offer here and don’t hesitate to reach out if you believe that I can help you.

Joryn Jenkins

Step-by-Step Marketing

I’ve heard two common concerns from fellow attorneys: lack of time for marketing and uncertainty about where to begin. That’s why I developed the Toolkit.

Legal Visual Guides

Our visual guides are instrumental in helping clients understand key concepts and legal processes, collaborative and traditional.

40 Years in Book

My books have been instrumental in helping attorneys both new and veteran to thrive in the marketing and business side of their practice.