5: Create Folder Materials

Create a folder of articles and other materials explaining their process choices that you can provide to consults for their reading later. (Review below Handouts for Prospective Divorce Clients from the Pitch section of your Master Set.) Keep in mind that you will review this folder bimonthly or so to update the materials with articles and blogs, etc. that you may have published more recently over the next year. Will you include a book in this package of materials? Include one of mine or write your own (see Week Seventeen) and include it, instead.

Handouts for Prospective Divorce Clients 

1. Brochure (example)

2. Client Folder (example)

3. Banner

4. War or Peace, Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court 

5. I Never Saw My Father Again, The Divorce Effect 

6. Quizzes

7. Collaborative v. Courtroom Comparison

8. The Seven Biggest Divorce Mistakes

9. The Seven Courtless Divorce Mistakes

10. Choose Your Fate; Collaborate!

11. The Problem Solving Road Map

12. Beginning the Process

13. Goals and Interests

14. How to Combat the Impact of Grief and Stress on Decision Making

15. Top Tips for Getting Divorced

16. Understanding the Protocols for Collaborative Law

17. Code of Conduct

18. Brainstorming

19. Sample Timeline