5: Continuing Your Referral Marketing Program

Continue your referral marketing program. List all members in the referral networking group you joined, and ensure you are doing one-to-ones with at least two new members each week.  

Complete the Networking Scorecard Worksheet below. 

Then, review the other chapters and/or groups for family lawyers, family counselors, and financial professionals. Reach out to at least one of them per week. Remember, it usually takes two lawyers, a financial neutral and at least one facilitator to practice collaborative divorce. This will allow you to build your future referrals from them.  

Tip: Visit the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)’s member directory here. You can search for collaborative professionals in your area (or elsewhere) by member type, profession, populations served, language, and/or location. Reach out to these professionals to build your referral network.