6: Visual Aids

Review the visual aids below and decide whether to utilize any of them or to create your own banners and posters to aid you in your meetings with prospects and collaborative clients. Read the blog about posters written by my brand-new associate after a consult retained her for a collaborative divorce while I was out of the country, “Sell” the Collaborative Process Without Saying a Wordat www.JorynJenkins.com.  

If you’re interested in purchasing any of my visual aids or personalizing them with your firm’s logo and colors, please visit my website at www.JorynJenkins.com 

Visual Aids for Divorce Consultations 

  1. Court-less Divorce Process (compares seven choices of divorce processes) 
  2. Divorce Process Choices (Average Costs) (compares costs of various processes) 
  3. The Divorce Process (compares approaches to divorce: litigation v. collaboration) 
  4. Roadmap to Collaborative Resolution (illustrates the seven steps of the process) 
  5. Collaborative Conflict Resolution (Key Elements) (depicts the process’ benefits) 
  6. Divorce-in-a-Day (demonstrates how that is accomplished) 
  7. Financial Neutral’s Role (depicts the roadmap of the financial professional’s role) 
  8. Financial Neutral’s Role (explores the tasks and phases of the FN’s work) 
  9. Financial Neutral’s First Meeting (describes the FN’s initial client interview) 
  10. Financial Neutral’s Second Meeting (depicts what the second meeting will cover) 
  11. Facilitator/Coach Role (portrays the roadmap of the MHP’s role)  
  12. First Interview by Facilitator or Coach (shows the MHP’s client goal interview) 
  13. Client Stoplight (illustrates how to manage client anger and stress) 
  14. Success Indicators (describes traits of successful collaborative clients) 
  15. Collaborative Listening (reveals do’s and don’ts of collaborative listening) 
  16. Active Listening (illustrates how to listen so that the speaker feels heard) 
  17. Really Excellent (generates optimism with positive words) 
  18. Watch Your Words (uses words to create an environment nurturing agreement) 
  19. The Law Should Be Your Last Resort (answers the query “what does the law say?”) 
  20. Ceremonies (explains the intrinsic value of ceremonies)
  21. Apology (depicts the elements of a powerful apology)
  22. Secret (illustrates the steps needed to successfully share a secret)