5: Blog on Topic

Blog on topic. Consider whether you can blog more than once a week by blogging on a schedule. For example, tell a client story on Mondays. Discuss a practical practice issue on Wednesdays. Offer a collaborative tip of some kind on Fridays. Or cover parenting issues on Mondays, support issues on Wednesdays, and equitable distribution matters on Fridays. (I save Fridays for my Serendipity and Small World anecdotes, which you can read here.) 

Who is your blog avatar? You can have more than one. Write to your collaborative clients on Mondays, collaborative professionals on Wednesdays, and litigation professionals on Fridays. The possibilities are endless. 

Create a schedule for your 52 (or 104, or 156, if you blog three times a week) blogs this year. Outline the topics you intend to cover for the entire year and upload it in the assignments for this lesson. (Required)