6: Brainstorm Blog Ideas

Brainstorm blog ideas. Use friends; use staff; use collaborative practice group members or teammates. See the results of my brainstorm below. 

  1. Write about the remarkable collaborations you have witnessed, the clients you have counselled, whether financially, legally, or emotionally, and the lives you have improved. (Be certain to change the names and the descriptions, of course.) 
  2. Write about non-collaborative clients, if the stories help your profile. (Again, change the names, etc.) 
  3. Write about The Ten Worst Mistakes you have observed someone make. 
  4. Write about The Best Divorce you ever witnessed. 
  5. Write about The Worst Divorce you ever tried. 
  6. Write about The Best Client you ever worked for. 
  7. Write about The Worst Client you ever worked for. 
  8. Write about The Toughest Case you ever solved. 
  9. Write The Top Ten Tips for . . . .  
  10. Write about the issues, whether ethical, procedural, or pragmatic, that you have read about, discussed, been confronted by, or considered, or that you might have seen in the news or read on your newsfeed. 
  11. Write about client testimonials you’ve received. Why not? Does it feel like you’re boasting? How else are you to get the word out that you’re good at what you do and that the process works? If you’re worried about it coming across as bragging, have someone else (the client?) write it for you and post the blog as a guest-written blog on your website. Tell the story behind each testimonial, of how you earned it. 
  12. Blog on newsworthy topics, for example: 
    • In the news 
    • Celebrity divorces 
    • Controversy 
    • Trends 
    • Case studies 
    • Predictions