The Collaborative Champion Workshop

Do you dream of a day when prospective clients and other professionals seek you out specifically for your collaborative expertise? Do you imagine clients approaching you, saying “I want a collaborative divorce”? Can you envision “opposing” counsel asking you to represent their client’s spouse, collaboratively? What are you doing to make those dreams a reality? Do you communicate your passion with clarity? Have you honed a compelling pitch that invites questions? Are you credible in your community? When you blog, do people feel compelled to weigh in? Have you published a book yet? Are you often invited to communicate your message to a crowd, instead of to just one person at a time?

How often and to whom do you present? Is your brand conspicuous? How visible is your profile? Are you invited to partner with, not just teams and practice groups, but also first responders and connectors who can help you change the way the world gets divorced? Equip yourself with the tools that you need to grow your collaborative practice; learn them from someone who knows so that you can answer these questions and more with a resounding “yes!”