After 21 years of practice, I was out of ideas. I went and she had some really good ideas. She has a really deep understanding of marketing. She is really speaking to you and you get it.

Julia Chase

Taking Control of Your Collaborative Practice

All of Joryn’s Open for Business training and coaching is designed to help you create the kind of practice that you want. It’s not just some “good information” that you absorb during the training or broad steps that your “coach” gives you. We provide step-by-step and actionable tasks for you and your staff to take monthly to achieve your goals.

“The biggest thing I was hoping to get out of her workshop was the fact that I like to create my own practice. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I went. But she has a very deep understanding of marketing.”

“When Joryn does a workshop she can explain it in such a way that you get it. You can put it into action right away. A lot of workshops I come out of and I think, oh that is great stuff, but I never do anything with it.”

“What I got from attending was the ability to communicate more effectively with the people that are calling into our law firm. I had fallen into a bit of pattern and in Joryn’s workshop I really saw how to deal with them better.”

What you can expect from a Joryn workshop:

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“Marketing is scary. You can be a brilliant attorney but they don’t teach us marketing in law school. This fact has become my passion. I am here to give you the secrets that I have learned over the years in terms of marketing your legal practice.”

Joryn Jenkins

Open for Business Marketing Consulting Products and Services

You want to succeed on your own terms, practicing the law you want with the clients you deserve. We are here to help you achieve your goals.



Your Marketing Strategy in a box. Step-by-step with guidance along the way for you and your staff.


Online & Offline

Specific and practical training on effective marketing and organizational musts for your success.


Client Orientation

Visual aids for your staff and clients to provide guidance and advice through the process.


Knowledge for All

Titles and books for both you and your clients. Looking to publish your own? Let us know.