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Marketing Your Practice

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How To Use Advertising To Enhance Your Law Practice’s Success

How To Market Your Law Practice With Social Media – Video

How To Use Visual Aids to Make Your Legal Clients Comfortable

Collaborative Practice Posters

Consultations Series 1: Court-less Divorce Processes Poster

Consultations Series 2: Divorce Process Choices (Average Costs) Poster

Consultations Series 3: The Divorce Process (Litigation v. Collaboration) Poster

The Legal Process Posters

What the Heck is Hearsay poster

Litigation vs Mediation poster

Roadmap to Resolution poster

The Fortes of Marketing – Pitch

How To Create an Effective Pitch To Market Your Law Practice

Best Ways To Retain Your Legal Clients – Video

What is a Great Pitch for a Lawyer? – Video

The Fortes of Marketing – Partner

Start a Book Club to Enhance Your Law Practice’s Success! – Video

Tips To Get More Referrals To Your Law Practice

Tip 13: What To Do With Your Network

The Fortes of Marketing – Profile

Make Yourself Known as an Attorney by Defining Your Personal Brand

How To Obtain Radio Interviews To Market Your Law Practice

What Attorneys Must Know About Improving Their Personal Profiles

The Fortes of Marketing – Present

How To Create the Perfect Presentation about Your Law Practice

How To Organize A Presentation About Your Law Practice

How To Use PowerPoint To Effectively Market Your Law Practice