The Open for Business Institute’s mission is to empower lawyers and other service professionals to attract the clients that they prefer. From her workshops and trainings to her books to the Rainmaker Toolkit, Joryn Jenkins and OBI will provide you with the tools and the plan that are essential to transform your professional practice into the focused business you want, one that attracts the clients you desire, so that you can make more money doing the work about which you are passionate, just like Joryn.

Attorney and marketing expert, Joryn Jenkins, transformed the trial practice for which she was so well known into a collaborative practice in just a few short years simply by implementing effective marketing strategies. By utilizing the five fortes of marketing, she quickly became the Face of Collaborative Law in Florida.

No matter what type of professional service you offer, you can, of course, benefit from marketing the right  way. Let Joryn show you how to market your practice in today’s world.

Developing a strategic plan on how you will handle new business is as important as your marketing plan. Once your plan starts yielding a return, be sure you are prepared to handle the business.



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