The Divorce Puzzle, Connecting the Pieces Collaboratively


The Divorce Puzzle examines the techniques employed in this highly constructive divorce process.


This inspiring anthology of essays, philosophies, and stories about real people introduces readers to the groundbreaking topic of collaborative divorce, and to the work of the mental health professionals who actively facilitate and counsel such matters. The material exposes readers to the perspectives of these authors, considered to be among the most knowledgeable in their field. The book also examines the negotiating techniques employed in this highly disruptive yet constructive divorce process, such as active listening, effective communicating, brain-storming, problem-solving, and cooperative co-parenting, as well as the resulting elimination of stress’s harmful impact on divorce-related decision-making. The Divorce Puzzle is designed to promote both thoughtful consideration of the collaborative process by spouses contemplating divorce, as well as lively classroom discussion, making it an excellent choice for seminar level courses.