Using Cartoons to Market Your Company

By Maggie Sperry

Cartoons! Don’t you love them? Or is that just me?

No, I know you share that delight when you see cartoons, that exuberant good cheer. So, why do we enjoy them so much? Why is it that, when a cartoon appears, we’re drawn to it, instantly? I know that every time I see a cartoon character, I feel a sense of comfort that didn’t make much sense to me for a while. But, recalling all of my favorite ‘toon characters, I’ve grown familiar with most of them through childhood television shows and children’s books. There is no question that the comfort and joy I derive from cartoons can be attributed to the contented childhood memories I associate with them, of curling up on the couch and watching animated characters chase each other across the screen or the illustrations travel from page-to-page, weaving their stories.

This nostalgia is one of the numerous reasons why using such icons in marketing your business is an unusually effective tool for attracting potential consumers to the product or service you offer.

The Draw of Cartoons

Cartoons often remind us of our childhoods, filling us with a sense of well-being, of possibility, and, let’s face it, often of ridiculous success in the face of insurmountable odds. (I’m thinking Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner here, among innumerable others! Who are you reminded of?) This is part of the reason we’re instantly drawn to them.

However, it is not the only reason. Cartoons visually grab a consumer’s attention, peak that potential client’s interest, and connect with that prospective customer in ways that words simply cannot. Each of these factors aids in your company’s ability to reach out and pull a potential client in, to convince that consumer that he or she wants to know more about you and your company.

The immediate connection that the cartoon fosters between you and your potential client opens the client up so he is more willing to learn about what it is you and your company offer. And, once he’s hooked, he’s more inclined to invite you to share the specifics of what you offer. (Many of you will recall that this is also true of the perfect elevator pitch!)

The Benefits of Using Cartoons

So why is this true? Well, as I’ve mentioned, cartoons are effective in ways that words cannot be. First, people process visuals 60,000 times faster than they do words. Using ‘toons reaches one’s audience base much faster than throwing a bunch of words at them would. (And don’t forget that 50% of us learn visually anyway, not verbally.

Second, visuals hold the potential clients’ attention longer than an off-putting block of text can.

Third, cartoon icons make your company or brand more recognizable. This makes it more likely that people will remember you.

And, when you are more recognizable to people, they are more likely to feel connected to and more comfortable with you. Like your social pitch, this makes them more likely to inquire about whatever it is you are offering them.

Cartoon characters can be used on a variety of platforms, whether it’s a blog (as we do here), a video, a social media post, a billboard, your podcast logo, or some other means of communication. The potential is endless when it comes to using cartoon icons to market one’s services.

Finally, cartoons can represent people’s real lives while simultaneously addressing delicate topics in such a way that does not make the viewer uncomfortable. Topics such as child slavery, addiction, racism, divorce, and death can all be handled with sensitivity through animation.

Using Cartoons at Open Palm Law

When first looking at the cartoon of Joryn, you may immediately notice the use of Joryn’s signature colors, burnt orange and turquoise. As in the cartoon, these colors are also featured prominently on our website, in our logo, and often in our emails. The consistent use of these colors helps us brand ourselves and creates a sense of community within Open Palm, as well as with those we work with.

The cartoon of Joryn also appears inviting to potential clients because, though the divorce process can be intimidating, the simplicity of the cartoon draws potential clients in and makes the initial jump into the process appear less daunting.

Cartoons are here to help you and your company! Just make sure your ‘toons capture your potential client’s attention and imagination, so that you can show him what it is you have to offer.

For more on how to practice collaboratively and successfully, and on how to profitably market your practice, reach out to me at or find me at Your Collaborative Marketing Coach, because your marketing is my marketing! And if you’d like to learn more about how to become a Collaborative Champion or a Legal Influencer, buy my toolkit or attend my training!

Maggie Sperry joined Open Palm Law in September 2021 as an undergraduate intern. She is a senior at the University of Tampa majoring in Writing with a concentration in Technical and Professional Writing. She is also minoring in Law, Justice, and Advocacy. Maggie currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of an academic journal on her University’s campus called Q: Journal of Undergraduate Research & Inquiry and is a member of the University’s Honors Program. Maggie is also a Justice on the Judicial Advisory Board for her University’s Student Government and is a member of the University of Tampa Diplomats. In her free time, Maggie enjoys spending time with friends and reading a wide variety of novels. She is excited to bring her leadership as well as her writing and editing experience to our team.

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