5: Phase Three Complete

Congratulations! You’ve now completed thirteen weeks of the Toolkit Portal, and you’re a quarter of the way through this transformational and certainly not easy project. But let’s consider what you’ve also accomplished thus far. First, you’ve launched a passionate social pitch that establishes with clarity who you are as a collaborative services professional and that is likely already to have attracted the right kind of both referrals and signed clients. Second, you have become an author, someone with something important to say in the worldwide collaborative discussion, someone with expertise and credibility. Third, you’ve taken the first steps this phase to become coherent, training yourself to communicate your mission and your vision persuasively, to “spread the word” to more than one person at a time. And finally, you’ve commenced the crucial work of defining your personal brand, of making it conspicuous, visible, and easily identified, by establishing who you are on-line. 

The steps you’ve taken this quarter will likely manifest themselves for the rest of your professional life as you become the Collaborative Champion who changes the way the world gets divorced!