3: Organize Your Own Pro Bono Project

If there is such a project already, volunteer. If not, organize your own. You’ll want to read A Free Divorce Handbook, How to Organize a Collaborative Divorce Pro Bono Project in its entirety, if you do. 

Seek unusual (newsworthy) cases. Then maximize their value, once you’ve completed them, by blogging about them, posting news of them to your social media and website, and by sending out press releases about their newsworthinessFeel free to share links to your blogs and social media or website pages below. (Optional)

Determine the goals and objectives of your pro bono collaborative project. 

Determine standards for acceptance of clients for your pro bono collaborative project. Or adopt mine, which you’ll find in A Free Divorce Handbook. 

Determine standards for qualifying your professionals for your pro bono collaborative project. Or adopt mine, which you’ll also find in A Free Divorce Handbook. Seek professional volunteers by advertising in the collaborative practice groups in your community. 

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