2: Schedule Speakers’ Bureau Presentations

Schedule your speaker’s bureau presentations. Before you do, review my PowerPoint presentation samples here

If you are speaking, prepare your presentation. Prepare your handouts. Create a folder of materials you’ll want your audience to take away: your articles, your blogs, your awards, your resume, etc. Prepare your PowerPoint, if different from the samples linked above 

If you are willing to share your PowerPoint presentation with me, upload it in the assignment section for this lesson. (Optional)

Practice presenting. Invite others to sit in and critique your presentation style.  

If a member of your speaker’s bureau is speaking, review his material and discuss it with him prior to his presentation. If there is time, ask him to present to you prior to his presentation. This will be great practice for him and will give you both an idea of where he needs to make adjustments. 

Arrange to record the actual presentation, if at all possible, for use in future marketing strategies, for posting on social media, on speaker websites, etc.