Joryn’s seminar was invaluable, both to the participants and those in our community in need of knowledge about a better way to divorce.

Scott Haynes, Columbus, OH
Collaborative Lawyer

The training last Friday was indeed a WOW, WOW, WOW. I have had a number of follow-up communications, and we had our monthly practice group luncheon yesterday so this was a hot topic. The one immediate “development” from your training, as I see it, is that we have members now stepping up to volunteer to do various marketing tasks that never have done so in the past. And, overall, people are simply excited to promote/market the collaborative practice--including doing a pro bono project. We have much to work on in the days and months ahead, and I do believe our members see that we each individually and collectively ALWAYS need to be doing something to market. I again encourage you to keep on giving these trainings. Change will occur one training at a time. Together we are changing the way the world gets divorced! And, actually, only together can we change the way the world gets divorced.

Nancy Sponseller, Columbus, OH
Collaborative Lawyer

Great, thank you so much for everything. Especially in my community, there is an inexplicable reluctance to market and network. Thank you for demonstrating what can come from just getting a little outside one's comfort zone. I've resolved to pitch to each and every new prospective client, and I suspect the results will be immediate. I owe it to my clients to ensure that they're aware of a way to get divorced without destroying their family and their finances - if I don't tell them, who will? Certainly not the pure litigators. FYI I pitched in a crowded barbershop on Saturday morning, and I began training my assistant to pitch this morning. So it begins...

Russell Adkins, Sharon, PA
Collaborative Lawyer

Attorney Jenkins’s seminar has far reaching implications, beyond developing and marketing yourself as an expert in the field of collaborative divorce. Her understanding of the emotional aspect of developing and marketing lawyers and their firms is second to none. I highly recommend her seminar (a fun mix of invaluable information, humor, and collaboration) and books (informative, on point, and easy to read) to every lawyer who is interested in growing her business and increasing her circle of influence.

Tee Persad, Orlando
Lawyer/Mediator/Executive Consultant/Entrepreneur

I recently had the privilege of attending Joryn’s workshop, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice. Joryn believes in Collaborative Divorce with her whole heart and her whole mind. And this comes through from the moment she begins the workshop until the end. Her passion for this practice method is authentic and so very real that you feel like you have literally been hit by a tornado . . . you are captivated. And what you realize quickly is that her seminar is not about teaching you how to sell the idea of collaborative law or even to sell yourself as the collaborative lawyer. She does not want you to think in terms of selling. She wants you to find and access your own passion, your own personal vision. Joryn lays out concrete steps that will help make your practice grow organically. A beautiful part is that Joryn is ready to help - you just have to ask her. This seminar is a must for all of us who are part of the next generation of divorce, of collaborative divorce.

Brenda Baietto, Tampa

Short snippets:

Joryn believes in Collaborative Divorce with her whole heart and her whole mind.

Her passion for this practice method is authentic and so very real that you feel like you have literally been hit by a tornado . . . you are captivated.

Her motto is that she is changing the way the world gets divorced and she means it with every fiber of her being. Everything she is and does is about the vision to change the way people get divorced. And if that sounds like a big undertaking to you, after the workshop, you will know not only that you, too, can be a part of this undertaking, that you should be a part of this undertaking, but that you can create your own bigger-than-life undertaking and see it through. That is what her authenticity, her credibility, and her energy does.

You feel like you are in a think tank session coupled with a meet-‘n’-greet like you have never had. It’s fun, engaging, and invigorating.

The beautiful part is that Joryn is ready to help - you just have to ask her. And I believe her. All the tools she has created, they are great and workable even if you tailor them to meet your specific needs. But she is ready to share. Why? Because she is changing the way the world gets divorced. And those tools we create, we should be ready to share because the vision is bigger than just ourselves.

This seminar is a must for all of us who are part of the next generation of divorce, of collaborative divorce.

Brenda Baietto, Tampa
Lawyer and Mediator

There is nothing worse than attending a boring work shop. “Garbage in – garbage out” are the words I can use to describe many workshops I have attended during an almost 38-year career in the legal profession.

Despite the fact that Joryn and I have been friends for almost 28 years, I have never attended one of her workshops.

Aside from being informative (I expected nothing less of Joryn), it was fun and interesting. The atmosphere was not stuffy. Joryn is an animated speaker who makes the information she offers not just informative but interesting. She is truly inspiring in her delivery, and when she did her “power pose” – I nearly fell on the floor, laughing. (I have known Joryn a very long time and never saw her do anything like that.) I had to go home and try it because I simply could not believe that her “power pose” would make you feel empowered. As usual, she was right.

Awesome workshop Joryn!! Thanks.

Liz Miller, Miller
Law Firm Administrator

Joryn and her team did a fabulous job. Even as the lone vocational professional in the room I felt welcomed and compelled to engage fully. I have already begun the process of reforming my marketing practices and wish I had this information years ago. Coming from a completely different discipline as most other collaborative professionals, I still found the workshop, in its entirety, to be relevant and advantageous. I cannot overstate the value of this workshop and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving his or her professional image.

Christopher Hallissey, St. Petersburg
Vocational Expert
Vocational Concepts

The one thing that sets Joryn apart is her utter and complete passion for collaboration. After a few minutes of speaking with her you can see and feel that her desire for collaborative divorce is not only pure and personal, it encompasses every cell of her being. This kind of passion is so rare, but experiencing it is nothing short of inspiring, if not emotional. Joryn’s passion personally and positively affects those she touches, and I am so honored to be one of those lucky people. I only wish her I met her eight years sooner so she could have helped me with a collaborative divorce of my own.

Jennifer Currence, Tampa
Human Resource Specialist
President, OnCore Management Solutions

I attended your 2015 Forum Workshop. I came back to my office and purchased your book "War or Peace" and can't wait to dive into it. I am the Co-Marketing Director of my Practice Group. Your presentation has helped me understand what it takes to grow our collaborative practices. From your example, it is clear that any marketing of a process starts with the practitioner's wholehearted and genuine commitment to the principles of what it means to embrace a collaborative mind. My new tag line, thanks to you, is "Collaborative is an open palm. Litigation is a closed fist. Choose collaborative. Your family will thank you."

Valerie Kerker, co-Marketing Director, Collaborative Divorce Association of the Capital District
Kerker & Gleeson P.C.

Thank you for the most informative marketing workshop! ...possibly, my "personal best" of the Forum.

Randall Poff, Beaverton, OR
Collaborative Attorney

Joryn’s marketing workshop at the 2015 IACP Forum was invaluable for anyone wanting to grow their collaborative practice. Thanks for all your suggestions and insights. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop.

Norma Levine Trusch, JD
Past President, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Joryn was amazing. She was enthusiastic, energizing, motivating, and full of ideas and anecdotes from her own practice. She was open about what worked for her and with suggestions for everyone. I thought that her presentation was the best among an entire weekend of fabulous seminars. I can't thank you enough!

Wendy Ezor Engler, JD

Thank you for your inspirational presentation at IACP.

Tiffany Thomas-Smith, JD
Owner, The THOMAS SMITH Firm, PC
President, Bucks County Collaborative Law Group

Joryn’s presentation on “Marketing Collaborative Practice for the Experienced Collaborative Practitioner” was very practical and useful. She is inspiring and conveys a lot of positive energy about growing a Collaborative Practice. I am an attorney who has been offering Collaborative Practice to clients since 2004. Joryn reminds us that it is all about having others understand what we do and why, doing good work with clients, and following up with clients when the case winds down. Her presentation was organized, full of information, and motivated me to take additional action so that potential collaborative clients know this service is available and can work with a collaborative professional to assess if it is the right fit for that client. Thank you Joryn.

Karen Keyes
A solo practitioner in Arlington, VA practicing almost 25 years; for the last 11, only family matters and no contested litigation

What a pleasure it was to have you share your thoughts, enthusiasm and passion on the Collaborative Process and Marketing last night for our practice group. I really enjoy you very much and have become a big fan! I can’t thank you enough for taking time to come and do that for us. Your presentation was very well received, and I have already gotten several e-mails this morning thanking us for the great presentation last night. You are amazing . . . . I truly mean that!

Brenda Lee London, Esquire

Very useful. Many excellent ideas. Joryn was engaging in her presentation style and very generous with her information and offers to help. Thank you.

This was the best! Joryn was extremely knowledgeable and articulate, and enthusiastic about her subject.

Joryn is an excellent speaker. She was very engaging and answered all questions that were asked of her. She shared personal experiences and was eager to share ways of building our Collaborative practices. I was extremely satisfied with this very informative workshop.

Very well prepared and very good delivery. ;p I wish I had her energy!


Joryn – thank you for helping me reignite my passion in collaborative. Your passion is infectious. I will do my homework and hope you will review my different pitches. It was really a value-add to have you here today. Thank you again.

Jennifer Failla

The best presentation of the conference.


Super presentation.

Great facilitator in getting audience involved….


Great presentation and ideas!

Really great info!

- Hi Joryn, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop in Orlando. I’m totally psyched about CL and I am believing now that there are very few cases where CL doesn’t fit and they’d be the same cases that get screwed in court where the principals before they’re done have been to three lawyers and two forensic accountants each and a host of MHPs. I don’t think CL needs to have an inferiority complex because those of us who are in it and getting into it are very strong and won’t take crap from bullying clients, for their own good. In tough litigated cases, where there are very complex valuation issues or mental health issues, the courts do not exceed the capabilities of an appropriate collaborative team.

Having you address the practice group, or groups if we can do a combined meeting, would be great and I think what you're presenting is what we all need. People need to see the CPs totally sure about themselves in doing ANY dissolution and not give up ground to the litigators for the hard cases. We can do harder cases than they can. <smile> If it's a huge case, like the Koch Bros getting divorced, we could get Shannon Pratt or Aswarth Damodoran to mediate the valuation part or Dr. Phil (just kidding) mediating the child issues. Only a fool would believe that a judge could understand complex valuation and mental health problems as well as the super teaching professionals in their fields.

Dennis Lish

Great workshop!


This workshop was just what I needed. It was full of incredibly helpful and effective marketing as well as non-marketing information and “tools” to immediately integrate into my litigation-free, collaborative practice. The day-long workshop was full of relevant subjects and information—there was no “fluff” or “filler” stuff to fill up time. Rather, at an appropriate but energetic pace, subjects and information were presented in an organized and effective manner, so we would learn what we could integrate NOW into our practices.

I was particularly interested in learning how best my assistant should handle the incoming calls, as this is key to getting individuals scheduled to come in to the office for a consultation. After the individuals come in to the office to meet me and learn more about their options, a very high percentage of these individuals retain me. So, yes, a primary key here to building a practice is how we handle all incoming calls from those who are not yet clients.

I had the benefit of one of Joryn’s workshops at the 2015 IACP Forum and came back excited by what I learned in 90 minutes. I knew I wanted to learn more from her. She is not only walking the walk but also sharing what she is doing in her practice to build her own litigation-free collaborative practice. I only wish everyone in the collaborative law community heard her and integrated into their own practices the information and tools she is providing in her workshop.

Nancy Sponseller, Collaborative Attorney

This was an excellent presentation. I feel that an appropriate amount of time was spent on each topic. Joryn made so many great points and gave me a lot of food for thought. I learned new tools for both marketing and to be more successful in the collaborative process. Also, I really appreciated the body language section. It made me consider some things I had not thought about before. Role playing was great and very helpful in demonstrating new ideas.

Shannon Green, Financial Neutral

I enjoyed this training. It was very helpful. I was able to see how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Angie Speller, Facilitator

Your book and training were invaluable tools for me to succeed in my collaborative practice.

Dena Thompson-Estes, Collaborative Lawyer

Joryn’s training combines practical tips and broad concepts that are sure to improve the collaborative law firm.

Guilene F. Theodore, Civil Collaborative Attorney

Joryn, thank you for offering your presentation on livestream. You made it very convenient for me to be able to watch you on my computer at work. This was my first seminar; I am the administrative assistant at Psychological Affiliates, in Winter Park, FL. I really enjoyed your presentation, very informative and many great ideas. I’ looking forward to reading your book and training our staff to have a better communication with potential clients in the collaborative process. My favorite opening line was “Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced.” Happier divorced people; happier world makes so much sense. Thanks again for your inspirational presentation.

Evelyn B. Pagan, Administrative Staff

I found your training very informative to office staff who are looking to switch to the collaborative process. Our office has personally done 4-5 collaborative cases, so some of the stuff you taught I already knew. I did however learn new ways to introduce the collaborative process to new clients. I also learned better ways to advertise. Thank you for the experience.

Christa Schinzel, Paralegal, Collaborative Support Staff

The January 22, 2016 Open for Business Managing Your Collaborative Process for Passion & Profit workshop was the first training I even attended on the subject of collaborative practice. I had just started working with a collaborative law attorney earlier in the month and the workshop provided an accessible, comprehensive, and entertaining introduction to the practice.

The material was well-organized with a good balance of lecture and participant interaction. In particular, I appreciated the role playing segments which took the theory into practice. Additionally, giving participants an opportunity to draft and read their elevator speeches was fascinating – illustrating the wide range of individual styles that were authentic and not at all formulaic. Your immediate review of the elevator speeches was very helpful to all listeners. The participants benefited from individual coaching from an expert.

The one downside that I experienced as a live-stream participant was glitches with the technology which resulted in my being able to access portions of the training. However, the manual filled in the gaps – it is terrific! Thank you.

Margaret Zukoski, Collaborative Support Staff

Joryn - You're an incredible public speaker. You made great connections with your were funny, engaging, open, authentic, and informative. Your presentation was incredibly thorough, and you were effective in covering material that is NOT law related. You [are] not only an expert in law, but an expert in business and customer relations. It was thoroughly impressive, and I feel like the audience walked away with much more than they expected.

Jackie King, Social Media Expert

I attended the first live stream and taped collaborative staff training on 1/22/16. I found the day to be interesting, informative, and helpful. Creating our own pitch was helpful. Discussing what clients say about me enabled me to see what my best qualities in the office are and how to expand on that.

The session teaching staff to treat all parties, attorneys, and neutrals with courtesy and respect was imperative. It may seem like common sense to some of us but some less experienced collaborative lawyers may still come up swinging in a team meeting because that’s what they’re used to. It’s not a stretch to envision their staff behaving the same way because no one told them any different. They may still see the other party and attorney as the enemy.

I really enjoyed Woody’s session and his comparison of a consultation to a doctor’s appt. He expressed that we should be looking for the least invasive and best course of treatment for each individual client and starting next week know our office protocol.

I enjoyed the educator’s presentation as well. Her services sound as if they can really help divorcing families effectively co-parent. However, I did think her presentation ran a bit long and became hard to follow as the handout on the screen had too much information on it.

All in all, great job to everyone who participated, especially Joryn! Her energy and passion for this work was invigorating. I left the training revitalized, ready to get back to my office and implement some of the great new things I had learned and share them with my employer. The training was a great experience. I took a lot of information and motivation away with me. Again, I thank you and your staff very much for all your hard work in putting this together, the opportunity to participate, and for your kind words.

Jennifer Gunnin, Paralegal

My experience at the workshop cannot be described as anything other than inspirational, thought provoking, and refreshing. I found myself especially intrigued by the sessions dealing with conducting one’s self in the office environment and facial and body expressions. This program does not simply teach how one should be conducting oneself in the office space and in meetings, but it also allow you to examine closely how well you already conduct yourself and what can be improved upon moving forward.

I advocate not merely signing up for this workshop in order to learn a vast wealth of knowledge in a relatively short period of time, but I urge you to sign up for this in order to see what level you are already at and in order to better yourself and your office staff in the future.

Zachary Scott, Collaborative Support Staff and Pre-Law Student

What is Collaborative Divorce and Why Should I Care?

Joryn was able to communicate effectively with everyone in the room, the lawyers, the financial professionals, and me, the former-judge-now-mediator. Her presentation brought us up to speed on the collaborative process, this new form of courtless divorce service, giving us another tool to add value for our clients and the people they care about. Joryn presents without using her PowerPoint; instead she uses personal anecdotes to connect with her audience and to make her subject real. I’ve been in the Society of Financial Service Professionals for years and presenting at a breakfast meeting is never easy. She’s been, hands down, our best speaker ever.

Paul Sidney Elliott, JD, CFP®

I just wanted to Thank You for a Fantastic Presentation on Collaborative Divorce at our SFSP Meeting on October 20th. I've been affiliated with the Chapter since I moved to Tampa in 1987 and a Board Member for several years. That was one of our Best Meetings ever and it was your presentation style and also how you tied your individual circumstances in that made it, not only interesting, but also very human. A Great Presentation both in Style and Substance!!

Donald J. Nelsen, CLU, CEBS
Nelsen Insurance Consulting, Inc.

I enjoyed your presentation Tuesday, both in facts presented and in delivery… I felt that you were talking with me directly. This morning I left a voicemail for each of those two clients who I mentioned were in various stages of the divorce process. Upon their return call, and, as appropriate, I will share your contact information with them.

Karin M. Klaassen, CLU®, LUTCF
ADIA Wealth Network

Joryn spoke to us candidly and passionately about collaborative divorce. She was very forthcoming about her personal and professional experiences with clients which made her discussion both informative and enjoyable.

Lauren Silva- CFP®, CRPC®, CDF