• War or Peace (Avoid the Destruction of Divorce Court)
    • I Never Saw My Father Again (The Divorce Court Effect)
    • The Divorce Puzzle (Connecting the Pieces Collaboratively) (an Anthology)
    • Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced (Champions of Collaborative Divorce) Vol. I – Tampa Bay (an Anthology)
    • Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced® (Marketing Your Collaborative Practice)
    • Open for Business (Managing Your Collaborative Practice for Passion & Profit)
    • A Free Divorce Handbook (Organizing a Collaborative Divorce Pro Bono Project)
    • From Rookie to Rainmaker (How to Grow Your Law Business)
    • From Lawyer to Law Firm (How to Manage a Successful Law Business)




Learn the Five Fortes to Effectively Focus Your Collaborative Marketing Efforts. Apply your passion for the good that you do by focusing your marketing efforts on growing your collaborative practice.


The toolkit includes guidelines, protocols, instructions, samples, and forms, all on thumb-drives and in a handbook. it also includes sample marketing products, free gifts, advertising materials, and books, all of which will whet your prospect’s appetite for the collaborative divorce alternative.


  • The Divorce Process (Litigation v. Collaboration)
  • Courtless Divorce Processes
  • Roadmap to Collaborative Resolution
  • Key Elements of Collaborative Resolution
  • Facilitator/Coach Role
  • Facilitator 1st Interview
  • Success Indicators
  • Collaborative Listening
  • Active Listening
  • Client Stoplight
  • Financial Neutral Role
  • Divorce Process Cost
  • Divorce-in-a-Day
  • Really Excellent Collaborative Words


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My Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice is a five-part webinar series that includes the following:

1) Pitch (three sections; 55 minutes, 23 minutes; 53 minutes);

2) Publish (four sections: 57 minutes, 21 minutes, 51 minutes, and 42 minutes);

3) Present (two sections: 54 minutes and 35 minutes);

4) Profile (two sections: 51 minutes and 23 minutes); and

5) Partner (45 minutes).

This is a total of eight hours of content. The parts are meant to be viewed in order, as each subsequent part builds on the ones before it. You can purchase access to the complete video series for the discounted price of $795.