38 Years of Experience to Show You Law Firm Marketing Doesn’t Have to Suck.

The Two-Day “Rookie to Rainmaker Workshop” is for everyone.

Gain valuable insight into what you need to expand your practice--what they didn’t teach you in law school.

“I Hate Marketing and Selling my Practice,” say too many attorneys, both young and old.

Watch this quick two-minute video and discover what many attorneys are missing from their marketing.

This Workshop Is Perfect For...

The Rookies

Those who are just starting out on their professional journey

The Workers

Those who are skilled but go unrecognized in their profession and in the community they serve

The Rainmakers

Those who are highly credible, visible, and already making a difference

Who are the Rainmakers in your practice area?

Are You One Of Them?

If your law firm marketing isn’t cutting it, what do you need to do?

Here are a couple questions for you to answer...

  • Do you speak fluently about your practice area?
  • Do you lead your practice area’s groups and committees?
  • Do you blog often?
  • Do you publish articles?
  • Do you train other professionals?
  • Are you a polished and passionate presenter?
shannon - jj

Shannon Green, CPA

"...my practice has more than doubled since I attended Joryn's workshop a year ago. She is so great at working with other attorneys and professionals. The materials have been an amazing reference for me while marketing my business since the workshop..."

david- jj

David Anton, Family Law

"...The workshop gave me the nuts and bolts that I needed to market the business and the softer side of how to survive in practice. I have been in practice for many years and I still benefited from the full range of information and resources..."

Meet Joryn Jenkins

My name is Joryn Jenkins. I help professionals attract the kinds of clients whom they are passionate to serve.

Attorneys and many other professionals tend to shy away from marketing. Yet marketing is critical to bringing in the kinds of clients that you prefer, rather than whoever walks through your door, and the kind of work that you love to do, rather than whatever you can get to pay the bills.

As a former law professor and one who has always enjoyed mentoring, I love sharing the secrets to marketing with other professionals. When I first began learning these strategies, my goal was to better market my own new practice area. But as I learned the “hows” and the “whys” of marketing and enjoyed the success that it brought me, I became passionate about sharing these secrets with others.

I love explaining to other professionals how they can get more of the types of clients they want. I get a thrill out of being valuable to other lawyers. It is a huge compliment to me when others want to learn from me. Every professional is different, and our passions are unique.

Join my network of social media champions, audiovisual experts, writers, editors, publishers, graphic artists, and other professionals. I have already vetted the experts in my network so that you don’t have to waste your time and money doing so. Save your resources and time, and get your marketing strategy in place more quickly and effectively by sharing my resources with me.



Lana M. Stern, Ph.D.

"Joryn is an incredible motivator with energy and passion that is contagious.    She is a wonderful mentor and gently encourages you to achieve your very best. She is so generous with her marketing knowledge and wants you to succeed.  Your success is her success! I have learned so much from her and don't think I would have achieved the success with my article and chapter if not for her belief and encouragement. I strongly endorse her workshop, she has so much to offer!  


Brenda Baietto, Attorney

"She is so passionate about what she does and it makes us want to be more interested in our own practice and in marketing. Just being in the seminar was invigorating and forced us to engage and activate right in the seminar. It was awesome."

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