Press Releases and Multi-Purposing Yourself

By Joryn Jenkins

Just the other day, I sat (in front of four studio cameras) across from Bill Logan, at his roundtable segment during Sarasota’s ABC 7’s News at 7. Our tête-à-tête focused on the collaborative family law services my firm offers our clients, and, once it ended, even during my drive back to Tampa, I started getting e-mails and texts from folks I knew who had seen it air.

Over time, I’ve received many inquiries from other collaborative professionals, asking how I’d managed to be on live television . . . marketing my practice, again.

For the record, this was not my first live television interview. I’ve done them in the past, and even more radio, on average, once a week. The question I kept getting focused me on the process by which I, or anyone, can obtain this featured spotlight.

If you are a collaborative (or any) professional, press releases should be your best friends. A press release, put simply, is a piece of paper (or these days, an email) that is sent to various media like television news, radio, etc. Your press release should focus on and be personalized to you. An effective press release will sound like you’re full of yourself but, as I teach in my marketing workshops, you don’t have a choice. You must write a press release as though you’re someone who loves and admires you holding the pen and paper.

That’s the secret.

Circulate Your Marketing

Truly, think about this. Imagine that you are a recruiter for a television news’ interview, and you receive hundreds of “press releases” every day. You are tasked not only with finding interesting topics for your newscaster to cover on the show, but also with choosing the most qualified, remarkable, talented sources for your newscaster to interview. You want someone for your show who will do just that, show. A source who will market herself to your audience . . . after all, that is what television news shows are all about.

Obviously, you will select the candidate supported by a press release that best brags about that candidate’s talents and credentials. So write your press release for that guy; focus your press release on you, and don’t be afraid to boast about what you’ve accomplished.

Once you’ve got your press release down, you’ll need to circulate it to various platforms. We’ve covered television and radio, but your platform can be anything. Don’t forget podcasts, for example. Brainstorm platforms that will offer you the best crop. After all, your audience is everything in marketing.

And when you do finally secure the perfect spotlight to market yourself, your practice, your services, etc., you’ll want to reuse that content for other purposes, what I like to call “multi-purposing” it. After all, why reinvent the wheel if you’ve already the done the work?

Repurpose Your Marketing via The Internet

A few days following my interview with Bill, ABC 7 sent me the link to the segment. If you haven’t been following me thus far, here is where you’ll want to pay attention. To take the maximum advantage of your broadcasting experience, you’ll repurpose your radio show, television segment, podcast, or speaking event. For example, my staff cut my ABC 7 footage into several 30- to 120-second clips that each capture certain services that I offer. We added an intro and an outro to each clip (I always utilize my logo here) to ensure a professional experience for those who watch them.

What if all you have is audio? Great question! You can turn your radio show or podcast into audiograms, clips of the audio to which you add stock photos or videos, for illustrative purposes.

Then throw those videos up on your website, your YouTube channel, and your social media pages. One of the least expensive ways to attract more clients is via the Internet.

You can also attach or embed these video clips and audiograms into your marketing emails. Marketing is not a one-stop shop. It’s imperative that you create and repurpose your materials.

And, if you’re in the market to, well, market, purchase my From Rookie to Rainmaker toolkit (created for lawyers and other professionals) or my Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced toolkit (for all collaborative professionals). I am so committed to helping you grow into the marketing master that you, too, can be that I will refund your money if you follow the Weekly Steps included in your toolkit and your new marketing strategy doesn’t generate client revenue greater than the amount that you pay for your toolkit. Visit to begin a year that will change your life forever!

Joryn, attorney and Open Palm Founder, began her own firm here in Tampa after a 14-year career in law, 2 of which she served as a professor of law at Stetson University. She is a recipient of the prestigious A. Sherman Christensen Award, an honor bestowed upon those who have provided exceptional leadership to The American Inns of Court Movement. For more information on Joryn’s professional experience, take a look at her resume.

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