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Good Solutions Versus Better Solutions

Solving problems is not difficult. I can solve a problem just by telling you what you should do.

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Your Last Resort

We like to observe, “Children say the darndest things” when one of our kids announces something surprisingly insightful.

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My Career Change News—The Next Exciting Steps!

I have been practicing Family Law for over 42 years. After witnessing some particularly tragic experiences in family court, I began practicing Collaborative Law.

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Attending Your Deposition

If you are scheduled to be deposed, whether in your own case or in someone else’s, it is important to know how to behave so that you are able to avoid costly mistakes.

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Success Indicators

There are several commonalities that people who successfully negotiate a marital settlement agreement, i.e., one that both spouses can live with, share with each other.

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I “Need” Versus I “Want”

Candace wanted Mama feeling upbeat before beginning their hard work. She wanted to remind Mama of the wedding.

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Attorney/Client Privilege

Likely the most important (and most commonly invoked) legal privilege is that protecting communications between an attorney and her client.

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Anyone who is entangled in litigation needs to understand this concept. “Hearsay” is a lawyer’s term of art;

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Going to Court

If you are somehow involved in litigation, whether as a party or a witness, it is important to make a good impression.

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