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Bringing the Magic

I had a case in which I was retained, not for a collaborative matter, but for litigation. (Back then, I still had the reputation for being “an aggressive family law trial attorney.”)

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Artificial Intelligence and Collaborative Divorce

ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot developed by Open AI. The chatbot has a language-based model that was originally designed for customer service, fine-tuned by the developer for human interaction in a conversational manner.

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Growing Apart

Overheard among a group of middle school boys drinking mochas in a coffeehouse, as one tastes another’s coffee: “That is so ridiculously sweet! That’s like something a five-year-old would make!”

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Which Way?

There are many lessons to be gleaned by an adult reading Alice in Wonderland. One especially hit home for me.

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Yesterday, I reread Alice in Wonderland, a treasure trove of now-famous quotes, and happened upon this one.

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In Love

It was a gorgeous breezy October morning in Houston, and I was on a walk with my 33-year-old daughter.

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Surviving a Gaslighter

Now that you’ve read my previous blog, Gaslighting, a Not Uncommon Dynamic, and you’ve determined that you’re being gaslighted, how do you stop it?

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Happy Lawyer

Lawyers are an unhappy bunch. Maybe it’s the long hours, the extraordinary pressure, or the ungrateful clients.

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Gaslighting, a Not Uncommon Dynamic

When I was a kid, I saw a black-and-white psychological drama filmed in 1944. Gaslight was creepy, powerfully frightening to a teenager

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