By Joryn Jenkins

Now there’s a mouthful. Not easy to say out loud. But you know exactly what I mean, don’t you?

Marketing Email

Are you attracted to the following spam?

I wanted to reach out to discuss how I can help you get more clients.

We help business owners transition from the old way of doing things (networking and referrals) to an outsourced, automated approach. We drive revenue by:

  • Understanding your market and differentiated offering
  • Curating and targeting prospects who have a high propensity to buy
  • Writing and testing sales content that speaks to your buyers
  • Opening conversations with leads for your business with a historic 25% close rate

Our approach allows you to focus on closing quality leads rather than drumming up new business with cold outreach. Do you have time in the next week to talk to me?

You and I get this type of email every day now, often many times a day. Most of the time, we just swipe left on this annoying junk. If we know how, we block them. But we keep getting them because they work.

Why do they work?

Used Car Sales

Professionals have always been reluctant to market their services. We’ve been taught that self-promotion is boastful and unattractive, that those who market their services are akin to used car salesmen. In other words, a “con artist,” someone who is not trustworthy.

But, as service-based professionals, we can’t just sit on our hands and wait for the clients to discover us. We no longer live in a small town with only one lawyer, one dentist, one veterinarian… with only one choice for those who need our services.

In such a competitive culture as we have today, we can’t afford this marketing mindset block, this marketing-a-phobia. So we cave to the temptation to hire someone to do it for us.

What Are We Afraid Of?

Phobias are fears, and when it comes to fear of marketing, there is usually a complicated gang of factors at play. At the very least, we fear:

  1. Rejection. We’re afraid that people won’t want us. We think “What if we ask for the sale and the person we ask says ‘No’?” No one wants to feel unwanted, and that’s how rejection (that “No”) makes us feel. “What if I’m not good enough, if no one wants me?”
  2. Embarrassment. No one wants to forget what they were going to say during a presentation or trip over their own tongues during a consultation. And God forbid we don’t know the answer to a question. “What if I embarrass myself?” It’s easier to avoid the possibility entirely than to run the risk of embarrassing ourselves.
  3. The unknown. This, too, can be an overwhelming obstacle. If you feel like you don’t know how to describe what you do in a sentence, you may simply avoid introducing yourself and your services altogether.

Get Over It

So, why do these emails work? Because of our marketing-a-phobia, we are tantalized by the idea of hiring someone else to shoulder the burden of marketing our services for us. We succumb to the marketing experts who market their marketing services! Why this makes sense is too puzzling to explain. After all, no one knows what we do or how we do it better than we ourselves, or, even more importantly, why we are so passionate about it.

Consider instead learning to market your services. I guarantee you can do a better job marketing yourself and what you do than that con artist who sends out 1000 cold emails every day to the folks on his list.

Oh, and by the way, if you doubt me, look at the resume of one of these guys, if you can. You’ll be surprised to discover that, with almost no exception, you’ve got more education and experience than any of them. And that their education and experience, even in the specialized area called “marketing,” is limited.

Assume your role as a Collaborative Champion today! And for more on how to profitably market your practice, reach out to me at or find me at Your Collaborative Marketing Coach, because your marketing is my marketing! Let’s change the way the world gets divorced, together!

Joryn, attorney and Open Palm Founder, began her own firm here in Tampa after a 14-year career in law, 2 of which she served as a professor of law at Stetson University. She is a recipient of the prestigious A. Sherman Christensen Award, an honor bestowed upon those who have provided exceptional leadership to The American Inns of Court Movement. For more information on Joryn’s professional experience, take a look at her resume.

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