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When you ask for a favor, make it easy for the giver to perform. Include the links to the websites where you want him to post book reviews or testimonials.

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Be The Advocate That Your Business Needs

Writers are often stereotyped as people staring at their computer screens while their spouses nag them about finding a “real job.” Publishing is the hard bright line that separates the “dreamer” from the “success.”

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Funding Your Client’s Freedom

Hey, you divorce lawyers! How’s this for a new tool to add to your marketing toolkit? Is your client the “impecunious spouse”? New Chapter Capital offers him or her “divorce financing assistance.”

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Augment Your Practice
(with Collaborative Marriage Counseling)

How does a collaborative mental health professional, whether you call yourself a “facilitator” or a “coach,” refer business to other collaborative practice professionals.

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Opting For Court

I hate to admit this, but I have a collaborative divorce in which I’ve advised my client to litigate. Now, before you condemn me, let me explain.

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When I was seven years old, I lived in Huntington Beach, California, with my mother, my father, and my three little sisters. (This was all before my parents were divorced.)

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Serendipity is such an odd thing. I had a late lunch today with my sister at La Segunda, a cafeteria-style Cuban bakery and restaurant.

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money and college degree

The From Rookie to Rainmaker Toolkit – Why?

Many years ago, I spent $150,000 for my law degree. Not all at once, mind you. It took me a while to pay back all those loans.

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“Sell” the Collaborative Process Without Saying a Word

It is critical that collaborative neutral professionals begin to take some responsibility for bringing clients into the collaborative process. We put the burden on the lawyers, and they are not always up to the task.

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