Joryn and Posters 2

“Sell” the Collaborative Process Without Saying a Word

It is critical that collaborative neutral professionals begin to take some responsibility for bringing clients into the collaborative process. We put the burden on the lawyers, and they are not always up to the task.

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frustrated person

Mental Block II

So, okay, we all suffer from a mental block at one time or another. When we admit that we do, we take a crucial step in the right direction. That is, a step toward overcoming that mental block.

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Couple discussing issues with mediator

Working For Free

By now, you’ve realized the value of setting up a collaborative pro bono project in your hometown. It’s an amazing way to get the word out into your community while also affording newly-trained collaborative professionals.

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college student law intern

Tips For Working With Free Help

By now, you’ve realized the value of setting up a collaborative pro bono project in your hometown. You may want to consider the value, too, of partnering with your local law school to afford, not just your newly-trained collaborative professionals their first.

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the art of racing in the rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain

One of my favorite books ever (which is saying a lot; I have so many on my list that I’ve got three different lists now!) is a book by a dog. It was a Friday when I had lunch with a girlfriend who said, “You have to read this book . . . .”

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zoom meeting

Living On Zoom

I got a phone call early this morning from my court reporter. “That’s unusual!“ I thought, although I was feeling perky so “What’s up?” is what came out of my mouth.

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Mental Block I

We all suffer from mental blocks at one time or another. What is a “mental block,” you ask? I don’t recall even thinking about that catchphrase since explaining it to my daughter to help her deal with the wall she had hit trying to complete a project for girl scouts, years ago.

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It All Starts With “Hello”

Historians believe the first war in recorded history occurred in 2,700 B.C. between the Sumer and Elam civilizations of Mesopotamia, though I suspect a great number of battles occurred before then.

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New Rochelle postcard


I’ve known Brian and his wife, Patrice, far longer than I’ve known his cousin, my husband, Todd, despite that they live in Boca Raton and I reside in Tampa. I was dating a lawyer here in Tampa before I met Todd.

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