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community liasons

Community Liaisons

It is the objective of every practice group to build the awareness, rx acceptance, and use of collaborative services generally, and their own group’s efficacy, ...
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mediation massacre

Mediation Massacre

Traditional divorce processes are destroying the fabric of American society. Yet another tragic news story that didn’t need to happen: On December 4, 2013, a ...
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I am one of those lawyers who believes in sharing my own story with my client, in part because I want each one to understand ...
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I Began College When I Was 16 Years Old…

I began college when I was 16 years old, health before I actually graduated from high school. (Yes, years later, Vestal High School condescended to ...
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Latest Scandal – Gossip Girl Divorce

Good morning! Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Did you hear about actress Kelly Rutherford? Kelly ...
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why pro bono collaborative divorce services

Why Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce Services?

I have always been a trial lawyer.  (Well, since law school anyway!)  And I am, among other things, a family lawyer.  So, in the old ...
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Problems finding pro bono collaborative clients

Problems Finding Pro Bono Collaborative Clients

We immediately ran into problems.  Not that finding clients who qualify for free services was difficult.  No, for sale we had an established local agency in our community intaking ...
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Marital Surgeon

Marital Surgeon

I am a divorce lawyer.  For years, I was a very successful, family law trial lawyer.  So when people ask what I do, I tell ...
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Be specific when you request referrals

Be Specific When You Request Referrals

Years ago, I ran an errand, retrieving some newly framed art from the gallery where I always arranged to have my artwork framed.  While waiting for ...
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