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The defining quality of collaborative dispute resolution practice is trust, don’t you agree? As collaborative professionals, we trust the process;
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PowerPoints on Zoom

Marc and I were getting ready to present recently, on Zoom, as so many of us do these days. We were planning our 60-minute talk ...
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Searching For Galahad (Succession Planning – Part III)

We’re still looking for Galahad, the ideal knight to join our practice group, and then to succeed into leadership of it, as well as membership ...
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Cultural Sensitivity

A long-haired Japanese star just led me to a discovery. The other day, I consulted with two new clients, a husband and wife.
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Searching For Galahad (Succession Planning – Part II)

We’re looking for our Galahad, the perfect knight to complete our ideal collaborative team. Someone who can eventually succeed into leadership of our practice group.
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Searching For Galahad (Succession Planning – Part I)

Succession planning entails developing internal people with leadership potential to fill key positions when they become vacant.
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Gems from a Collaborative Discoverer

Kim Reed is one of us. She’s been a voice in the wilderness, way out in Panama City, Florida, which is not (yet), shall we ...
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Now there’s a mouthful. Not easy to say out loud. But you know exactly what I mean, don’t you?
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I’m Not a Pushover

Just because I'm a Collaborative Lawyer doesn't mean I'm a pushover. This is, however, the un-informed assumption that many people make about the collaborative attorney.
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