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The defining quality of collaborative dispute resolution practice is trust, don’t you agree? As collaborative professionals, we trust the process;

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PowerPoints on Zoom

Marc and I were getting ready to present recently, on Zoom, as so many of us do these days. We were planning our 60-minute talk about a certain facet of marketing;

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Searching For Galahad (Succession Planning – Part III)

We’re still looking for Galahad, the ideal knight to join our practice group, and then to succeed into leadership of it, as well as membership on the board of our statewide collaborative organization.

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Cultural Sensitivity

A long-haired Japanese star just led me to a discovery. The other day, I consulted with two new clients, a husband and wife.

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Searching For Galahad (Succession Planning – Part II)

We’re looking for our Galahad, the perfect knight to complete our ideal collaborative team. Someone who can eventually succeed into leadership of our practice group.

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Searching For Galahad (Succession Planning – Part I)

Succession planning entails developing internal people with leadership potential to fill key positions when they become vacant.

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Gems from a Collaborative Discoverer

Kim Reed is one of us. She’s been a voice in the wilderness, way out in Panama City, Florida, which is not (yet), shall we say, a “thriving metropolis of collaborative dispute resolution.”

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Now there’s a mouthful. Not easy to say out loud. But you know exactly what I mean, don’t you?

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I’m Not a Pushover

Just because I’m a Collaborative Lawyer doesn’t mean I’m a pushover. This is, however, the un-informed assumption that many people make about the collaborative attorney.

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