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The Five Fortes of Effective Marketing


Are you looking for this year to be the breakout year for your collaborative practice?


Tired of struggling with caseload and marketing responsibilities? Looking for someone to help you with a step-by-step program that includes personal coaching?


If you’re ready to grow your client base and become an Influencer in your collaborative practice, my Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice video series and mastermind sessions are for you!


To really make a difference in the world and your practice, you must reach as many people as possible. The most influential people in any industry corner the lion’s share of the business. We all know this, yet we err when we don’t focus on marketing because we don’t develop and increase our “influence.” We then fail to improve our practice.


In every industry there are a few Champions (John Maxwell called them “People of Influence”) who are highly credible, who are very visible, and who are making a difference. Are you one of them? If not, do you want to be?


Influencers attract the clients we all want–clients who know what they want and are willing to pay for it. Influencers receive more referrals from other professionals and from former clients. They enjoy a greater sense of clarity and purpose in their visions of themselves and of their staffs. Influencers are invited to speak about what they do and they write about it as well.


Want to know how to become that kind of Influencer? I have dedicated seven years to learning how to most effectively market a collaborative practice and now I offer that knowledge to you.


My Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced, Marketing Your Collaborative Practice is a five-part video series that includes the following:


1) Pitch (three sections);
2) Publish (four sections);
3) Present (two sections);
4) Profile (two sections); and
5) Partner (one section).


This totals eight and a half hours of video content–available to you on your schedule, when you need it, and when you can focus. The content is available to you (and your staff) to view and to review again and again.


The parts are meant to be viewed the first time in order as each subsequent part builds on the ones before it.