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How do you enroll the spouse in the process your consult may have chosen for his or her divorce? Is it really possible to offer a couple headed for divorce a joint consultation? Why is meeting with spouses in conflict not a violation, at least for lawyers, of the rules governing our profession?


In this webinar, Joryn Jenkins, Your Collaborative Marketing Coach, and her staff explain why and how attorneys (and other professionals) can provide separating spouses with the same information about the various divorce processes available to them at the same time.


The collaborative dual process consult is conducted with both spouses in the room together, asking questions so that they can hear the same answers and pose the follow up questions that might come to mind for one when the other asks the question. Here’s how you discuss the clients’ ability to put together their negotiating team and the process that will work best for their unique families.


Empower your consults to make the process decision that will enable them to enter into a win-win divorce negotiation by offering them dual process consultations!


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