Open for Business, Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced


Joryn will teach you how to effectively focus and market successfully.



As a collaborative divorce professional, you must reach as many potential clients as possible. In this, her newest book, Joryn walks her reader through the steps to marketing your practice successfully, equipping you to become the face of collaborative practice in your community. Joryn will teach you the five fortes to effectively focusing and implementing your marketing efforts. Pitch effectively. Publish successfully. Present regularly. Develop the Profile that inspires first responders to suggest you to potential clients before they think of anyone else! Discover the delight of being invited to Partner with other collaborative professionals on their teams. Enjoy it when your consult asks you about collaborative divorce before you can suggest it! Learn from a collaborative process expert; join Joryn in her mission to change the way the world gets divorced and, at the same time, grow your own collaborative practice exponentially!