How To Write Compelling Tweets

By Joryn Jenkins
how to write compelling tweets on twitter

Writing a compelling tweet on Twitter can be challenging; you have a limited number of characters with which to make your point.
The rules for writing compelling tweets are not what you would think. Your sole goal in a tweet is to convince someone to click on it.

Pique your reader’s interest so that she wants to learn more.

Make her curious.

Tease her.

Be vague; it stimulates a need in your reader to solve the mystery you have posed. To what are you referring?

Instead of nouns, use words like “these,” “this,” and “it.”

Purposely omit information.

Keep your tweets conversational without sounding professional or using jargon.

Be funny or inspiring. The most viral words and phrases include: Imperative words that tell you to do something; Visual words like “video” and “picture”. Superlatives like “the best” or “the most”; Audience-referencing phrases like those using “you”; and How-to phrases.

Specifically, ask followers to retweet. Include more adverbs and verbs than nouns and adjectives; action words will compel your readers to do something.

People on Twitter prefer to read tweets in which each word is capitalized, rather than those in which all letters are lower case or all capitalized. This format sets off the content and signifies that it is something special that your followers will want to read and share.

Use hashtags. They should be short, recognizable to your followers, and allow them to follow easily. Don’t use more than two in any given tweet. Choose them wisely and in a way that will add the most value to your followers.

how to write tweets on twitter
Read more about the do’s and don’ts of hashtags from Twitter Business.

Use links, images, photos, and videos to engage your Twitter followers more and increase your retweets. Use a URL shortener (like or so that you don’t have to use as many characters.

As always, decide who your reader is. Then determine when the best time is to post your tweet. When are your followers most likely to have time to read it and to be somewhere where they can read it? Are other lawyers more likely to read your tweets during working hours on a weekday? Or would they be more likely to read during their leisure time on the weekends?

The more you tweet, the more you’ll be re-tweeted. Be consistent with the frequency and times of your tweets so that your followers can depend on them. Tweet enough so that you are being noticed but not so often that your content becomes stale. You always want your content to be fresh.

To determine when and how often you should tweet, measure your growth. How many followers do you get each day? How many actually interact with you? How many re-tweet your posts or click on your links?

When re-tweeting, it helps to add something original of your own. By putting your own words in front of the tweet, you get credit for saying it yourself. But don’t just re-tweet. You should be tweeting your own content, as well.

Compose your Twitter bio in the first person. Be funny, truthful, and interesting.
Ask everyone in your family and practice to follow you and offer to follow them back.

And follow me so that I can follow you. I am @OpenPalmLaw. ☺

Joryn, attorney and Open Palm Founder, began her own firm here in Tampa after a 14-year career in law, 2 of which she served as a professor of law at Stetson University. She is a recipient of the prestigious A. Sherman Christensen Award, an honor bestowed upon those who have provided exceptional leadership to The American Inns of Court Movement. For more information on Joryn’s professional experience, take a look at her resume.

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