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As you commence this, your fourth quarter, you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel; you are closing in on your goal and completing your transformation into a Collaborative Champion. Your marketing routine is deeply ingrained. You have made marketing as natural to you as breathing, and your successes, that used to seem so extraordinary, are becoming commonplace.  

And you’ve reached out to me with any questions you’ve run into along the way at 

So, let’s reassess where you are today. 

Your pitch is clear, and you offer it without thinking to listeners who are wide-eyed with interest, and with follow up questions. 

You are a highly regarded book author, and your credibility is well-established.  

Because of your ability to connect with a crowd and to communicate your passion for your subject matter, you have now been invited to speak, certainly at local gatherings, and possibly at national and international events. You’ve been interviewed on radio, and perhaps even in television. You are truly “coherent.” 

Your personal brand has become conspicuous, visible, and easily identified, both on-line and in traditional media.  

And, finally, you have begun to see the results of honing your connectivity, as you form strategic alliances with first responders, with referral sources, with collaborative divorce teams, and with other Champions who are all changing the way the world gets divorced. 

So where are we going in your next phase? You’ve already accomplished so much! What more could there possibly be to do? Well, there are still a few matters that you need to take care of.