Wins & Wars

Fastest Verdict

Another reason why collaborative divorce is a great idea. No surprises. When a jury or judge hears a case and will make a decision that might impact you for the rest of your life, the outcome is never predictable. You’ve all heard the old saw “It all depends on what the judge had for breakfast,”…

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The Best Smoking Gun Story

I believe in the collaborative dispute resolution process. But don’t get me wrong; I LOVE trial work. Some parties will never be transparent, and it’s so much fun to pit your wits against theirs! I once represented a couple who had purchased a truck stop just off the interstate. The exit practically hand delivered customers…

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The Most Important Thing to Know about Divorce Court

In my book, War or Peace, I tell the stories of what happened in court on my watch. Here is what happens when you ask a judge, who doesn’t know you or your kids, or share your values, to make decisions that will impact you for the rest of your lives. John Hammond was nineteen when…

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Ending a Marriage in the Strangest Way Possible

Our clients do the oddest things while they struggle in the grip of the emotional tempest created by divorce. When they choose the traditional divorce option, going to court, there is no professional involved in the process to help address this intense stress, and the sometimes consequent inability to make decisions rationally. Last week, I…

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