How To Prepare To Grow Your Client Base

HOW TO PREPARE TO GROW YOUR CLIENT BASE© Many law firms want to grow their client base, and eventually their practices, without developing a strategic plan. You must be sure to continue to give each client outstanding service, not only to attract new clients but also to retain current clients. Retaining current clients is as…

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I’m Not John Morgan: What We Can Learn From His Marketing

i am not john morgan legal marketing

John Morgan started out here in Tampa, but he’s known throughout nearly all of America. He’s the personal injury lawyer who coined the slogan “For the People.” It’s a catchy pitch and he’s made the most of it, putting it on billboards, in radio ads, and scattering it across the United States as he makes…

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The Parts Of A Presentation

the parts of a presentation jorynjenkins.com

Your presentations should be comprised of the following parts: An opening that draws in the listener; A preview of what’s to come (“Tell them what you’re going to tell them”); The body of the presentation (“Tell them”); Interaction with the audience; A summary of what the audience should have learned (“Tell them what you told…

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How To Build Your Referral Network

referral network

To be successful in any business, you must have a strong network of referral sources. To develop and maintain such relationships, follow these steps: 1. Join two to three diverse organizations, whether social, cultural, political, religious, charitable, professional, or of some other genre. Sign up with a general business group, as well as, perhaps, a…

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Why Offer Unbundled Services?

Unbundled legal services is a form of limited legal representation. Think of offering such services as offering your clients an a la carte menu of services. It gives your clients more control of their cases, which typically leads to happier clients. If you offer this choice, your clients only hire you and pay you for…

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How Long Should Your Blogs Be?

Help! I don’t know what to put in my blog! With all the information floating out there on the internet, it’s hard to determine what’s true and what’s noise. Everyone has a voice these days, so critical thinking is crucial to decipher what steps to take to be successful online. So how many words should…

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Press Release: Managing Your Collaborative Practice

IT’S THIS FRIDAY! Press Release: Managing Your Collaborative Practice On January 22, 2016, Joryn Jenkins, a collaborative attorney and author of War or Peace, I Never Saw My Father Again, and A Free Divorce Handbook, will present her inaugural collaborative staff training, Open for Business, Managing Your Collaborative Practice for Passion and Profit in sunny Tampa,…

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Promoting Collaborative Practice

I’ll be on air again this Thursday to answer your questions about the collaborative process, in general, and collaborative divorce, in particular. I’m pretty excited to be back on with Jamie Meloni! That’s always a fun time! Tune into “That Business Show” weekdays at 8:00 am on WHNZ 1250 to hear about Tampa Bay’s most impacting…

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