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One of my college pre-law interns remarked, while I was in the kitchen making myself lunch today, “I was comparing our billables for this past month with the same month last year and I was so proud to see that we’re way up! Why do you think that is?”


Cindy Gibbon and Chris Kissinger were married in Long Boat Key, an hour away from my center of practice. They had both been Appraisal of Real Estate graduate students of my husband.

One Day, Two Serendipities

Every time I turn around, the networking is working; I suppose that’s why it’s call networking. One morning, I attended a final divorce hearing for a gentleman who was referred to me by the mediator.

Serendipity And Small World Stories

It’s a Small World (After All) is a Disney attraction that originated at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Yet it has outlasted new technology and the thrill-inducing attractions that ever increasingly compete with this old Disneyland and Disney World staple.