How to create a lasting professional relationship.

  Success in any profession is a combination of luck, opportunity, and follow through. There is a reason for clichés like this one: “I was in the right place at the right time.” (We always forget to add “and I did the right thing.”) This combination of success factors often occurs as the result of…

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Co-Parenting… With Your Ex?

I recently received a call from someone I originally met on HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Her editor had assigned her the task of answering a series of questions about “co-parenting after the romance is over.”   What are the most common reasons that adults with children are getting divorced these days, or separating, if…

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Yelling “Fire!” in a Crowded Movie Theatre

You’ve been waiting for this movie to come out. Finally, it does. You buy your overpriced tickets on-line; you show up early to get a good seat; you pay a fortune for popcorn; you watch endless coming attractions. Finally, the feature begins. Sooner or later, you realize it’s awful. You wait for it to improve,…

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Co-Parents Forever

I recently finished divorcing one of my clients from her husband. She is, as far I’m concerned, a lovely woman who has her children’s best interests deeply embedded in her heart. As I was her collaborative lawyer, I also happen to know her husband much better than I would have had her divorce been accomplished…

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High Touch in the Divorce Home Sale

What It Takes to be a Realtor Who Specializes in Divorce A house is the physical embodiment of the hopes and dreams of a couple, and of their family… the American Dream. That’s why we call it a “home,” once they’ve moved in and it has made that transition. When the couple later divorces and…

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First Comes Love, Then Comes…What?

For those of us who care about the nature of human relationships in an age when the complexities of both building and also restructuring them can seem overwhelming, this article from The Economist is a must-read. Although filled with a plethora of information, it raises more questions than it answers. Where is the institution of marriage headed?…

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13 Ways To Save Your Relationship

  You’ve heard people say that divorce lawyers instill fear, anger, and conflict because it “keeps the money stream flowing”. That’s not the Open Palm Way. Here are 13 helpful relationship tips to help prevent divorce directly from the Open Palm Law experts that handle a couple’s marital issues: (1) Understand that marriage is hard…

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