Divorce Without Court

Yelling “Fire!” in a Crowded Movie Theatre

You’ve been waiting for this movie to come out. Finally, it does. You buy your overpriced tickets on-line; you show up early to get a good seat; you pay a fortune for popcorn; you watch endless coming attractions. Finally, the feature begins. Sooner or later, you realize it’s awful. You wait for it to improve,…

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The Thank-You Note

You have all heard of a “marriage of convenience?” This is a term that originated in medieval times. It refers to a marriage contracted for motives other than the reasons of relationship, family, or love. Instead, such a marriage is orchestrated for personal gain or some other sort of strategic purpose, such as for political…

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Press Release: Managing Your Collaborative Practice

IT’S THIS FRIDAY! Press Release: Managing Your Collaborative Practice On January 22, 2016, Joryn Jenkins, a collaborative attorney and author of War or Peace, I Never Saw My Father Again, and A Free Divorce Handbook, will present her inaugural collaborative staff training, Open for Business, Managing Your Collaborative Practice for Passion and Profit in sunny Tampa,…

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The New Year is Here!

If your New Year’s Resolution was to get a divorce, do it peacefully; Collaborate! Divorce filings are historically low for the month of December due to parties not wanting to disrupt this time of year for their children. You felt the same way; you kept the peace through the holidays but now it is time…

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Smiling Divorce Selfie?

Can divorce really be that pleasant? You may be familiar with the smiling “divorce selfie” that went viral (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/09/03/couples-smiling-divorce-selfie-goes-viral/71633438/). This photo featured Chris and Shannon Neuman, a Canadian couple, who explained that they “respectfully, thoughtfully and honourably ended our marriage in a way that will allow us to go forward as parenting partners” for the…

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Hope for the Holidays Despite Divorce.

There’s hope this year if you choose collaborative law to handle your separation. The holidays are upon us; soon it will be a new year. You have shelved the topic of divorce in order to keep the holidays peaceful for your family and friends but now it’s time to take a deep breath, and start…

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Sharing the (Right) Information

I do something that no other collaborative divorce lawyer I know does (yet). After a client who wants to proceed collaboratively retains me, I send a lengthy letter of invitation to the spouse. No; that’s not what’s different. This is similar to the letter that many of us send the “opposing party.” In the letter,…

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Beginning a Collaborative Divorce – Once Neutrals Are Retained

How does the Collaborative Divorce Process move forward after you’ve chosen your neutral team members? Once the neutrals have been retained for the collaborative divorce process, each client meets with the facilitator to discuss his or her goals, issues, concerns, and relationship history. The facilitator prepares a written report of the interviews for the team…

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