Collaborative Practice

Capitalize on COVID-19 Collabortunities

Let’s talk about how to capitalize on what I’m going to call “Collabortunities.” (Yes, I just coined a new word.) The COVID-19 outbreak has brought financial devastation to many small businesses. But it has also brought those with authentic entrepreneurial spirit a sea of opportunities. How can you ensure that your collaborative practice thrives during this trying time when so many will, no doubt, fail?

Timing Is Everything

In so many ways in life, timing is everything. You could meet the most incredible mate, but if you’re too young, in a relationship, living in different states . . . whatever the issue, the timing of your meeting may make it impossible to explore this tantalizing relationship further.

Marketing by Interview

Like any other business selling either products or services, your law firm requires precise marketing of its legal or collaborative or mediation services. This marketing can occur on various mediums, although one method, which I will call the “interview model,” is often overlooked. A media interview, unlike advertisements, commercials, and billboards, which cost a great deal when compared to the marketing budget of a small or solo law firm, usually markets your firm’s services for free.

Media Interviews Part II

I received an opportune email recently from a salesperson for a local TV station. As we all sit in lockdown because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, she sent me an unsolicited offer. She was just doing her job, marketing the station’s advertising. I could see her sitting at her kitchen table, pounding away on her laptop, alternating between the internet, where she was researching possible purchasers of her product, and her email, where she was crafting her sales pitches.