referral network

How To Build Your Referral Network

To be successful in any business, you must have a strong network of referral sources. To develop and maintain such relationships, follow these steps: 1. Join two to three diverse organizations, whether social, cultural, political, religious, charitable, professional, or of some other genre. Sign up with a general business group, as well as, perhaps, a…
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constant focus part 2 collaborative process

Constant Focus Part 2: How I Signed Three Collaborative Clients in Just Two Days

The Rest Of The Story: How I Signed Three Collaborative Clients in Just Two Days For those of you much younger than I, Paul Harvey was an American radio broadcaster for ABC Radio. For close to 60 years, Harvey’s programs reached as many as 24 million people a week. I used to love listening to…
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constant focus

Constant Focus

How Harry Potter Impacted My Marketing Techniques and Enabled Me to Sign Three Collaborative Clients in the First Two Days This Week If you loved Harry Potter, you remember Professor Moody, the one-eyed, one-legged professor with a gravelly voice and a scarred face. He preached to his students, and, indeed, to anyone who would listen,…
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How To Pitch So That Listeners Grasp What You Really Do

As a financial professional, you are probably used to people (laypeople, clients, family, friends, pretty much everyone!) not really understanding what it is that you do. You’ve no doubt heard your close family introduce you to others in a vague way, like “he’s a financial guy” or “he does something in finance.” While it may be…
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Why Offer Unbundled Services?

Unbundled legal services is a form of limited legal representation. Think of offering such services as offering your clients an a la carte menu of services. It gives your clients more control of their cases, which typically leads to happier clients. If you offer this choice, your clients only hire you and pay you for…
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There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. -Martha Graham When I was a little girl, my best friend, who lived two doors down, was named Robin Robinson. We were…
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How Long Should Your Blogs Be?

Help! I don’t know what to put in my blog! With all the information floating out there on the internet, it’s hard to determine what’s true and what’s noise. Everyone has a voice these days, so critical thinking is crucial to decipher what steps to take to be successful online. So how many words should…
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How to Market Your Business Online

Online marketing is an essential marketing tool, but unless you hire a company to do it for you, it can be time-consuming. To make it more manageable, consider assigning various staff members each of the following duties:   Each week, staff should conduct an online search for your firm’s name at the following popular search…
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Protecting Your Profile

Although developing your profile is largely about your on-line presence, if you hope to be invited to join collaborative teams, then your off-line reputation is also crucial. The best way to improve your off-line profile is to be visible in your community, but not by making mistakes that everyone talks about. Working on your profile…
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How to create a lasting professional relationship.

  Success in any profession is a combination of luck, opportunity, and follow through. There is a reason for clichés like this one: “I was in the right place at the right time.” (We always forget to add “and I did the right thing.”) This combination of success factors often occurs as the result of…
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