commitment to collaborative

Commitment to Collaborative: The Importance of Grit in Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced

So you’re a collaborative professional who wants to change the way the world gets divorced. You’ve been to the training, and you’ve heard the testimonials from colleagues and clients alike about how collaborative practice is a kinder, gentler process that saves divorcing clients a lot of pain. And you want to be a part of…
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Prior to Thanksgiving, I surveyed Florida attorneys, asking them what they were grateful for this year. Family law attorney Stann Givens responded that he is grateful that, even in highly contested cases, most divorce lawyers are able to keep the disputes between the parties, not allowing the animosity between the clients to infect their own…
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How To Prepare To Grow Your Client Base

HOW TO PREPARE TO GROW YOUR CLIENT BASE© Many law firms want to grow their client base, and eventually their practices, without developing a strategic plan. You must be sure to continue to give each client outstanding service, not only to attract new clients but also to retain current clients. Retaining current clients is as…
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how to develop your business plan joryn jenkins open for business

How To Develop Your Business Plan

HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS PLAN© Opening a start-up law firm is not a simple undertaking. There are so many items to consider and for which you must plan. All law firms start with great ideas and good intentions, yet not all new law firms succeed. Thomas Edison once said, “A good intention with a…
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how to write compelling tweets on twitter

How To Write Compelling Tweets

Writing a compelling tweet on Twitter can be challenging; you have a limited number of characters with which to make your point. The rules for writing compelling tweets are not what you would think. Your sole goal in a tweet is to convince someone to click on it. Pique your reader’s interest so that she…
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What Type Of Lawyer Do You Want To Be Joryn Jenkins

What Kind of Lawyer Do You Want to Be?

What Kind of Lawyer Do You Want to Be?   “Informed consent.” “Do no harm.” These ethical concepts are integral to contemporary legal ethics and practice. But how easy are they to attain? Here in the United States, there seem to be, generally speaking, two types of attorneys, at least when it comes to trial…
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i am not john morgan legal marketing

I’m Not John Morgan: What We Can Learn From His Marketing

John Morgan started out here in Tampa, but he’s known throughout nearly all of America. He’s the personal injury lawyer who coined the slogan “For the People.” It’s a catchy pitch and he’s made the most of it, putting it on billboards, in radio ads, and scattering it across the United States as he makes…
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the parts of a presentation

The Parts Of A Presentation

Your presentations should be comprised of the following parts: An opening that draws in the listener; A preview of what’s to come (“Tell them what you’re going to tell them”); The body of the presentation (“Tell them”); Interaction with the audience; A summary of what the audience should have learned (“Tell them what you told…
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referral network

How To Build Your Referral Network

To be successful in any business, you must have a strong network of referral sources. To develop and maintain such relationships, follow these steps: 1. Join two to three diverse organizations, whether social, cultural, political, religious, charitable, professional, or of some other genre. Sign up with a general business group, as well as, perhaps, a…
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constant focus part 2 collaborative process

Constant Focus Part 2: How I Signed Three Collaborative Clients in Just Two Days

The Rest Of The Story: How I Signed Three Collaborative Clients in Just Two Days For those of you much younger than I, Paul Harvey was an American radio broadcaster for ABC Radio. For close to 60 years, Harvey’s programs reached as many as 24 million people a week. I used to love listening to…
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