Choosing Your Collaborative Team

Assuming that you have a say in choosing any of your collaborative teammates, what considerations do you think should come into play? Do you consider only those professionals with whom you’ve worked in the past, those with whom you been successful?
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What Kind of Counselor Am I?

I’m a counselor of law. But the longer I’m involved in collaborative practice, the more I find myself feeling more like a marriage counselor. While I’m no mental health counselor, and I always defer to those on our team with that training, my own professional experience has given me quite a bit of insight that I don’t mind sharing with my clients and friends when asked.
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How To Create a Collaborative Law Practice

To create a collaborative law practice, start by acting collaboratively towards your staff. Treat them as you would any other collaborative professional, whether he is a young paralegal or another seasoned partner attorney. Be respectful and polite. Encourage good communication and creative problem solving. Reward good teamwork and collaborative brainstorming.
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How To “Sell” the Other Spouse on Collaborative

I hate to use the word “sell” when discussing the marketing of my professional services. It sounds so dirty, like I’m trying to put one over on someone. It always reminds me of the classic “used car salesman,” that guy generally portrayed by the media as a sleazy, greasy guy in a too-tight polyester suit who is trying to take you for a ride .
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7 Top Tips for Making Your Clients Comfortable

7 Top Tips for Making Your Clients Comfortable No matter what you do, your clients will be uncomfortable coming to your office. They are going through a divorce, one of the biggest stressors in their lives. And many collaborative meetings will occur at a lawyer’s office. Most people don’t ever have to deal with attorneys,…
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Support Staff Pitch

As the first contact or gatekeepers to your firm, your support staff plays a vital role in pitching your practice to potential clients. They are the first ones with whom potential clients speak, and therefore, they provide those all-important first impressions. Your receptionists should be caring, sympathetic people who are willing to take some time…
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How To Start A Law Firm

There is a lot to do when running your own law firm. If you do not keep your finger on the pulse, there is always someone who is willing to bump you right out of your place.   With that being said, every single one of you who has ever thought to take the plunge…
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commitment to collaborative

Commitment to Collaborative: The Importance of Grit in Changing the Way the World Gets Divorced

So you’re a collaborative professional who wants to change the way the world gets divorced. You’ve been to the training, and you’ve heard the testimonials from colleagues and clients alike about how collaborative practice is a kinder, gentler process that saves divorcing clients a lot of pain. And you want to be a part of…
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How To Prepare To Grow Your Client Base

HOW TO PREPARE TO GROW YOUR CLIENT BASE© Many law firms want to grow their client base, and eventually their practices, without developing a strategic plan. You must be sure to continue to give each client outstanding service, not only to attract new clients but also to retain current clients. Retaining current clients is as…
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How To Develop Your Business Plan

HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS PLAN© Opening a start-up law firm is not a simple undertaking. There are so many items to consider and for which you must plan. All law firms start with great ideas and good intentions, yet not all new law firms succeed. Thomas Edison once said, “A good intention with a…
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