2020 foresight successful goals

2020 Foresight: Successful Goals

   Enlist an Accountability Buddy   It’s easy to be enthusiastic at the beginning of a task, but it’s far harder to stay motivated as time goes by. Enlist the aid of someone to hold you accountable. Perhaps it’s a family member. Maybe it’s a friend. Or maybe it’s someone you work with, who helped you…
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2020 Foresight: Obtain Your Goals

2020 Foresight: Obtain Your Goals     Build a Supportive Environment   One of the easiest ways to ensure success in achieving your goals is to modify your environment so that it fosters the hard work you do to get where you’re going. Change is challenging but an environment that supports that change makes it…
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2020 foresight

2020 Foresight: Clarify Your Goals

2020 FORESIGHT: CLARIFY YOUR GOALS   We talk all the time about “20/20 hindsight.” My mother used to tell me that she thought I’d be an author someday; I used to laugh and reply, “I don’t have a book in me, Mom.” And yet, a little over five years ago, it occurred to me that…
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fix your online profile part 2

Fix Your Online Profile Part 2

Fixing Your Online Profile, Part 2 One of the best ways to repair the damage to your on-line reputations is to strengthen your profile with positive content and push down negative content that can’t be removed. Piling good reviews on top of a bad one helps hide it and, if a bad one has affected your…
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fix your online profile

Fix Your Online Profile Part 1

Fix Your Online Profile Your online profile can suffer a hit for reasons purely beyond your control. How many times has an opposing party left you a one-star review because you did such high-quality work for your client? In the old days of Family Law Practice, your client’s losing former spouse would throw a baseball…
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perfect pitch

Perfect Pitch

Perfect pitch, more formally known as absolute pitch, is the ability to sing or play any note with no former reference tone. This means that, if you were to ask someone with perfect pitch to sing an ‘F’ on the spot, she would be able to reproduce it completely accurately with no guiding note. Music gets so much…
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What to Do When the Collaborative Process Breaks Down

There may come a time in a collaborative matter when a spouse becomes disillusioned with the process and decides that he wants to try litigation. This can happen when the process goes on longer than usual, and the clients feel like they’re not making any progress.
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Do You Write Chatty or Formal Agreements?

If you’re a lawyer, you probably tend to write more formal marital settlement agreements and parenting plans, especially if you’ve created templates for those documents. But other professionals may choose to draft more informal agreements that mimic the chatty way that people actually communicate. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style.
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Three Best Practices When Drafting a Marital Settlement Agreement

Your language should be clear; it should avoid confusion and contradiction. If your language is open to interpretation, you had better believe that one party will interpret it one way, and the other party another way. The result will be uncertainty, disagreement, and, ultimately, post-judgment litigation.
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The Four Biggest Challenges in Negotiating a Marital Settlement Agreement

Negotiating and drafting a marital settlement agreement can be a difficult task. When discussing and crafting such an agreement, there are four big challenges. For most families, the hardest decision is how the parents will share the children’s time. While many courts are now encouraging 50/50 splits of overnights, many families would not choose such an arrangement, if left to their own devices.
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