Are We Destined for Divorce?

Are We Destined for Divorce?

In countries like India, divorce rates are on the rise. According to Jesna Sivasankar, a psychologist who practices there, divorces are becoming even more common for those with high-stress careers like doctors and those working in the IT sector.
The lack of emotional connection between couples is a major factor behind the crumbling family life. Even youngsters are not getting training in life skills, which should be provided mainly by parents, and they find it impossibly difficult to adjust to a new environment. Also, busy couples barely have time for each other.
However, in Tampa, and most of the US, divorces are actually on the decrease, at least per capita. This trend is likely due in part to the mindset of the younger Millennials. They are more likely to get married later in life and are also less likely to marry in the first place, choosing instead to enter into non-traditional families, like lovers who have children together or folks who choose instead to live with their friends.

Generational Divide

In the US, the generation more likely to become divorced is the older Baby Boomers. People are more likely to live longer, and they’ve decided they want to do it their own way. Divorce is also much more accepted than it once was, both socially and religiously. Couples who may have seen an issue with divorce in the past have changed their views as the world has changed around them. We also live in a world now in which both genders are able to care for themselves financially, making it easier for women to divorce than it was even a couple of decades ago.
In reality, in the US, unlike in India, those with careers that earn larger incomes are less likely to divorce. Those who earn less than $35,000 annually are much more likely to get divorced than those who earn over $75,000 annually. This is probably due to the fact that financial stressors put so much strain on a relationship and are one of the main reasons for divorce.
The good news is that divorce is on the decline. But it will never be obsolete. If you’re in need of a divorce, Open Palm Law can help. Contact us today.

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