Month: May 2020

Closing the Deal

When you consult, how often are you able to “close the deal,” to sign your consult up for a collaborative divorce or some other courtless process that you know in your heart is far healthier than a litigated divorce?

Lockdown Marketing – Present

How are your marketing endeavors going now, while you’re still on lockdown? Now is the perfect time to double-down on your efforts. We’ve already discussed Pitch and Publish, so let’s take a look now at how you cultivate the next logical step in your campaign, the Present forte.

Capitalize on COVID-19 Collabortunities

Let’s talk about how to capitalize on what I’m going to call “Collabortunities.” (Yes, I just coined a new word.) The COVID-19 outbreak has brought financial devastation to many small businesses. But it has also brought those with authentic entrepreneurial spirit a sea of opportunities. How can you ensure that your collaborative practice thrives during this trying time when so many will, no doubt, fail?