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The 7 Biggest Divorce Mistakes: #1 Assuming You Must Litigate

There are various ways to get a divorce that don’t require contested litigation. The most common mistake spouses make during divorce is assuming they must litigate. You may choose to handle your divorce yourself, without hiring attorneys. If you haven’t been married long, do not have children, and have only a few assets and liabilities, negotiating an…

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Confidential Divorce

As a divorce attorney for 36 years, I can assure you that not many of us are able to keep the details behind our divorce confidential, protecting our personal lives. Johnny Depp may be one, but, if so, it’s only because of the special status his high profile Hollywood identity may afford him.  Not everyone is always…

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12 Tips To Dealing With Divorce Stress

Divorce is a frightening prospect. It is a well-known fact that divorce is one of the most stressful events one can suffer in a lifetime. Follow these 12 tips to achieve success when coping with divorce stress. Accept it. You can’t do much about what has happened. You can, however, significantly control how you react to…

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Twice The Victim

The following narrative describes a unique divorce case between a domestic abuse victim and her spouse. Here is Joryn’s Story – Diane was a petite brunette, who was thirty years old when we met; I don’t think she weighed 100 pounds. She brought her two small children with her to our appointment. My office is…

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A Tragic Ending: The Deadly Divorce

On June 29, 2016, Mickey Russell went to his wife’s office at Colorado Association for Recycling and shot her dead, and then turned the gun on himself. Cara Russell was the former mayor of Buena Vista, Colorado and a much-loved figure in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. She had recently filed for divorce, beginning her new career at…

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