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Holding Hands and Helping Clients

I was going through my firm’s old files the other day when I came across a thank-you note written by a former client. I am a paralegal at Family Diplomacy: A Collaborative Law Firm  and work with attorney Adam B. Cordover. The client thanks both Adam and me in the note, and, although I am…

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Collaborative Divorce in the Golden Years

Is divorce in retirement different than for younger couples? And, if so, how? Three of us, one divorce lawyer and two financial neutrals, sat down one day to talk about the issues involved in the typical gray divorce, marriages in which older spouses (“grey-haired) are now splitting up. The questions are interesting, to say the…

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Yelling “Fire!” in a Crowded Movie Theatre

You’ve been waiting for this movie to come out. Finally, it does. You buy your overpriced tickets on-line; you show up early to get a good seat; you pay a fortune for popcorn; you watch endless coming attractions. Finally, the feature begins. Sooner or later, you realize it’s awful. You wait for it to improve,…

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Get Educated! Tips for Refinancing After Divorce

Get educated. What does that consist of? If you’re contemplating divorce and you own a home that one of you wants to keep, and the other is agreeable to that arrangement, then you’ve got to find someone with the right qualifications to advise you on the best way to accomplish that goal. Or even if…

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The Thank-You Note

You have all heard of a “marriage of convenience?” This is a term that originated in medieval times. It refers to a marriage contracted for motives other than the reasons of relationship, family, or love. Instead, such a marriage is orchestrated for personal gain or some other sort of strategic purpose, such as for political…

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Co-Parents Forever

I recently finished divorcing one of my clients from her husband. She is, as far I’m concerned, a lovely woman who has her children’s best interests deeply embedded in her heart. As I was her collaborative lawyer, I also happen to know her husband much better than I would have had her divorce been accomplished…

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