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The Proactive Divorce Realtor

A divorce realtor and a collaborative divorce lawyer sit down to lunch one day. The attorney is interested in partnering with the realtor when her clients decide to sell the marital home as part of their divorce process. So she wants to know more about the realtor himself, as well as his approach to the…

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Attending the Inaugural Management Training

Inaugural Collaborative Staff Training Imparts Valuable Lessons   I recently enjoyed the opportunity to attend the first ever in-person and live stream collaborative staff training, Open for Business, Managing Your Collaborative Practice for Passion & Profit, hosted by Joryn Jenkins at Open Palm Law. I have been a family law paralegal for three years. Last year,…

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Next Generation Divorce Donates to Support Collaborative Law in Tampa

Next Generation Divorce Donates to the Florida Civil Collaborative Practice Group   The bustling City of Tampa in the State of Florida is the fastest growing collaborative practice community in the country. As collaborative practice groups form in Tampa, they support each other in the true spirit of collaboration. In fact, on February 10, 2016, Joryn…

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Senate Bill 972: The “Family Law Process Act”

Senate Bill 972, the “Family Law Process Act,” has cleared its first committee in the Florida Senate. It will hopefully pass this summer and officially take effect on July 1, 2016. The Act facilitates an alternate dispute resolution process, collaborative divorce, which allows couples to separate or end their marriages without submitting their dispute to…

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Divorce and the Martial Arts

Aikido translates as the ‘Way of Combining Forces’ or the ‘Way of Harmony.’ Similarly, so does collaboration. Have you ever watched a martial arts movie and thought, “There is no way this small dude could ever beat that mountain of a guy?” Well, you’re not alone. But due to precise and well-practiced technique like Aikido,…

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Body Language. What Are Your Signs Saying?

  Have you ever attended a presentation where you could not focus on what was being said because of way that the presenter behaved during the presentation? Who can forget when future republican presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, took a swig mid-speech from a small water bottle during his GOP State of the Union rebuttal? Such…

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