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4 Reasons and $8.2 million to Choose Collaborative Divorce

High profile divorces don’t have to be. “Kforce leader David Dunkel gives $8.2M in stock to ex-wife in divorce settlement” is splashed across the headlines of The Tampa Bay Business Journal.  The article describes in specific detail the number and value of the shares involved in the divorce judgment, and that it’s pending appeal.  But…

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Sharing the (Right) Information

I do something that no other collaborative divorce lawyer I know does (yet). After a client who wants to proceed collaboratively retains me, I send a lengthy letter of invitation to the spouse. No; that’s not what’s different. This is similar to the letter that many of us send the “opposing party.” In the letter,…

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“Divorce is a Positive Experience” (Part II)

Did you read my blog last week? Are you back to get the low-down on collaborative divorce client critiques and testimonials? As I mentioned then, ask I actually had a client describe his divorce in the exact words used in the title to this blog. Are you back to find out how I discovered that…

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Beginning a Collaborative Divorce – Once Neutrals Are Retained

How does the Collaborative Divorce Process move forward after you’ve chosen your neutral team members? Once the neutrals have been retained for the collaborative divorce process, each client meets with the facilitator to discuss his or her goals, issues, concerns, and relationship history. The facilitator prepares a written report of the interviews for the team…

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The Not So Private Life of Michael Moore

Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, help director of “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” prides himself on being a regular guy who often goes after those privileged one-percenters. Strangely, there’s big money in that… although no one ever really knew how much. Well, now they do. Once his traditional courtroom divorce began, it became public record…

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Ending a Marriage in the Strangest Way Possible

Our clients do the oddest things while they struggle in the grip of the emotional tempest created by divorce. When they choose the traditional divorce option, going to court, there is no professional involved in the process to help address this intense stress, and the sometimes consequent inability to make decisions rationally. Last week, I…

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