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Prenuptial Agreements – Let’s Collaborate!

First, the Problem   The execution of a prenuptial agreement is almost always fraught with emotion and distress. Timing is crucial and can never be “right.” The issue always arises during a time when two people are excited to share the beginning of their lives together with everyone they care about in the room. It…

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How Can I Take Your Book Home?

You know, I get that question a lot from friends and other professionals who refer me clients but who don’t want to worry their own happily-married spouses. They’ll ask “If I walk in the door with a book about divorce, what’s my wife going to think?” Or they’ll worry, “I’m happily married; what will my…

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Road Rage

Traditional court divorce is like your morning rush hour traffic: it’s bumper-to-bumper, physician stop-and-go, horns honking, people cutting each other off for no good reason (just to get one car ahead!), news helicopters circling so that they can describe every little mishap by the side of the road, mostly to the lucky folks NOT trapped…

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Fresh Start

For many of us, case New Year’s Day is a fresh start in more ways than one. Most years, seek there are more divorce petitions filed in January than in any other month. People tend to put off filing at the end of the year because the holidays are stressful enough, ailment and folks see…

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The Race to the Courthouse

Why am I so excited about collaborative divorce? Because it’s a positive thing, a change for the better! Today, when you consult the average attorney about a divorce, the lawyer’s first thought is to get his petition to dissolve the marriage filed before the other spouse does. It’s always a race to the courthouse, because…

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